Our Region

Our Region

Los Ríos region is located between 39º15′ and 40º33′ south latitude; its geographical limits are to the north by the Araucanía region, to the south by the Los Lagos region, to the east by the Republic of Argentina and to the west by the Pacific Ocean. It was established officially on October 2, 2007 and is formed by the provinces of Valdivia and Ranco. The first one is composed of the communes of Valdivia, Mariquina, Lanco, Los Lagos, Corral, Máfil, Panguipulli and Paillaco; while the second is integrated by the communes of La Unión, Futrono, Río Bueno and Lago Ranco. The regional capital city is Valdivia.
To understand the genesis of this emerging region we must go back to 1974, more precisely to June 11, the date when 13 administrative regions of the country were created and where Valdivia became part of the Los Lagos Region, losing much of its former autonomy. The following years would denote a great variety of activities and events promoted by illustrious citizens who had as a great dream to see this area as a new region. It was not until mid-year 2000 when a bill created the Los Ríos Region, which was later approved by the National Congress. These were the first steps of the new administration that today is consolidating day after day at national level and seeks to project in an internationally way.

Main Characteristics

Due to its temperate rainy climate, the Los Ríos Region has several natural attractions, highlighting its natural parks and green areas spreaded throughout its 12 communes. Those places be visited throughout the year. Aditionally, there are a large number of lakes and rivers, makingt the zone an ideal place for activities such as sailing and sport fishing, among others.
Its economy is based mainly on the forestry industry. It also has a preponderance of commerce, services, tourism and gastronomy, especially during the summer time.
It should be noted that its regional capital is an important national reference in the fields of science, culture and education.
According to the last census conducted in the country in 2017, Los Ríos, has a total population of 384,837 inhabitants; 195,990 women and 188,847 men. The average age of the region is 36.5 years old.

Communes of the region.

Corral Corral Map


Futrono Futrono Map


La Unión La Unión Map

La Unión

Lago Ranco Lago Ranco Map

Lago Ranco

Lanco Lanco Map


Los Lagos Los Lagos Map

Los Lagos

Máfil Máfil Map


Mariquina Mariquina Map


Paillaco Paillaco Map


Panguipulli Panguipulli Map


Río Bueno Río Bueno Map

Río Bueno

Valdivia Valdivia Map


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