La Unión

The commune of La Unión is remarkable for its rich architectural heritage that can be seen in every corner of the city. Some of them are the Stolzenbach House, designed by the Valdivian architect Pablo Riechers for the tanner Santiago Stolzenbach and finished in 1913; the Teófilo Grob Mill, founded by Federico Grob in 1865, which would later pass into the hands of Teófilo Grob Fritz and years later would become one of the largest in southern Chile; Casa Angulo, built in 1900 and soon to become the Boutique Hotel “Frau Nora”; Casa Duhalde, with a unique Neoclassicist style  built in the early twentieth century by a French immigrant; Casa Hutt, which dates from 1890 and stands out for its delicated woods; and Casa Larre, founded in 1902, made of stamped tile cladding.

Trumao’s church also constitutes an important heritage for the commune and it was founded between 1898 and 1909.

Artistic disciplines are developed in La Unión, such as: visual arts, performing arts, literature and music, among others. In addition, there is a constant concern for the strengthening of cultural organizations and cultural managers. One of the strategic allies of the municipality  is the Centro Cultural La Unión, a non profit organization dedicated to rescuing the historical heritage of the commune through photography.

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