Río Bueno

The Municipality of Río Bueno has several public buildings that seek to spread culture in the commune.  One of them is the Sala Cine – Teatro Municipal Armando Sandoval Rudolph built in 1986. With a capacity of 280 seats, is permanently hosting artistic-cultural events such as singing and chamber concerts, instrumental band performances, choirs, dance, plays and film cycles, among others. Its name comes from a local pioneer in cinema and photography in the south of Chile.

The Museo Histórico Arqueológico Arturo Móller Sandrock, inaugurated on September 17, 1971, is located at 640 Pedro Lagos Street. It contains pieces of great value about the history of Rio Bueno and its surroundings with emphasis on the indigenous pottery traditions from the Pitrén Culture. The collection was donated by Arturo Môller Sandrock.

It is also worth mentioning the former Furniel House, destroyed by a fire in 2014, and whose name was due to the surname of its only owner from the late 1800s to the early 1900s. The grandeur of this mansion was a true reflection of the wealth of the family, which led people to call it simply “The Furniel Palace”.

Among the challenges imposed by the Municipality is to strengthen the research of the local intangible heritage, such as ancient knowledge, people linked to the train, culture and folklorists.

It is also contemplated the restoration and improvement of the San José de Alcudia Fort and making art visible in public spaces.

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