The territory of Mariquina harbors unique heritage mansions spreaded throughout most of its land, especially the Casa de la Cultura, former Casona Hotel Don Gustavo Exss, one of the oldest buildings in the area and reference of 1900s society. Its administration depends on the Municipality of Mariquina and it functions as the House of Culture under the Culture and Heritage Unit. Other national monuments are: The San Luis de Alba Castle, built by the Spaniards as a defense system between 1655 and 1661; and the Chan Chan 18 Archaeological Site, dated at almost 6.000 years and documents the oldest coastal human occupation in the Los Ríos.

As for the intangible cultural heritage, there are various manifestations almost entirely inherited from mapuche ancestral knowledge, such as crafts in loom, clay, silver, wood, stone and the most connoted, the craftsmanship in Boqui Pil Pil, where its artisans bearers are recognized since 2015 as Living Human Treasures. Also noteworthy are the rikafe who have the knowledge of building rukas, lawentuchefe, and a wide variety of carriers and culturists who keep alive the traditions of the mapuche lafkenche and mapuche williche people who inhabit the territory of Marikuga.

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