Los Lagos

The Centro Estación Collilelfu Cultural , which will be soon fully operational, is one of the most important cultural heritage sites in this commune. Rooms of museological exhibition will be set up on it.

Besides, the railroad bridge and a pond of water also have heritage designation.

Activities of the commune includes  folklore and groups of dance and music. Also, string and wind orchestras, theatrical groups, crafts, rock and pop music, visual arts, contemporary dance and groups for the defense of the natural heritage of the San Pedro river. There is also an important group of writers and reading animators.

In short term, there are plans to set up a program of artistic and heritage dissemination workshops, as well as to improve the Municipal Library’s facilities and start up a cultural development program in neighborhoods, in addition to restoring and enabling the Fierro Bridge as a pedestrian walkway.

Featured Heritage Places en Los Lagos

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