We are an Association that values the cultural heritage of Los Ríos region, giving visibility to the heritage and the different artistic and cultural samples of each of the twelve communes of our region; through an inclusive, sustainable and sustainable administration, promoting access and the encounter of people with the arts and heritage.

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Isotipo APC Región de Los Ríos

Región de Los Ríos

The Los Ríos Region was created on October 2, 2007, in accordance with the provisions of Law 20.174 published in the Goverment gazette on April 5 of the same year, with its regional capital in the city of Valdivia. It comprises the provinces of Valdivia and Ranco and its name derives from the geographical situation of the territory, in which two hydrographic basins predominate: the Valdivia river and the Bueno river, both of mountain origin.
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