Lago Ranco

In the cultural field it has a Tringlo Museum, a place that is located near its waterfront and is administered by the Tourism Office and Department of Culture of the Municipality of Lago Ranco. A historical collection of pre-hispanic indigenous pottery composed of various artifacts that were recovered from the same area can be found inside of it. Through these, it is possible to know in detail the pottery art of the first cultures that settled in the place, with special emphasis on the Mapuche-Huilliche communities.

Built in 1968, the museum seeks to spread the customs of the commune, as well as to be a meeting place for all those who visit it.  Its address is Calle Ancud at the corner of Calle Valparaíso, Lago Ranco. In the future, the design and construction of the new Tringlo Museum is expected to begin.

Other important cultural subjects are artistic activities carried on by the Municipal Folkloric Ballet and initiatives of local identity and attachment as well.

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