Casa Prochelle I


Prochelle’s House history began in the beginning of the XX century and according to the studies carried out by Father Gabriel Guarda, it was built in 1902 under the design and construction guidelines of the german settler Gustavo Prochelle. Oak wood was used for its foundations, structural and vertical beams, as well as larch and lingue. The dining room, living room, bedrooms and kitchen were locatedon the first floor. While the second floor harboured food pantries, a clothes drying room, a gymnasium and some other rooms for lodging.
On February 13, 2008 it was acquiered by the Municipality of Valdivia, where the Cultural Center Casa Prochelle runs, under the administration of its Municipal Cultural Corporation. The building is now part of a residential, gastronomic, university and cultural sector. Due to its location, it allows a fluid communication with the Valdivian environment, highlighting its proximity to the Pedro de Valdivia Bridge and the Calle – Calle River.
It should be noted that the Prochelle I House is part of an architectural complex that includes a smaller house located at one side, known as Prochelle II House, and currently owned by the Regional Council of Los Ríos. The Prochelle complex is integrated by the park of the same name and nowdays is a municipal space open to the entire community. This complex was declared a historical monument in 1985.

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