Teatro Regional Cervantes, Isotipo

Teatro Regional Cervantes


Located in the very heart of the city of Valdivia, the Cervantes Theater was inaugurated on December 14, 1935, and built by architects Carlos Swinburn and Eduardo Secchi. With an initial capacity of 1140 spectators, its inception was thanks to the action of businessmen and immigrants who were searching for a place to promote culture and events.

In time, the Cervantes Theater became an iconic cultural space in the city and one of the main venues of its kind in the south of the country as well.

In 2007, and after several factors that were influencing the deterioration of the main infrastructure, it was closed. A year later, the Regional Government of Los Ríos acquired the venue in order to start an improvement plan with the aim of transforming it into a cultural space of regional interest.

On September 7, 2019, the renewed Cervantes Theater reopened its doors to the community, thanks to a recovery plan led by the Ministry of Public Works, where more than 5 billion chilean pesos were invested.

It stands out for its modern infrastructure that includes 811 seats in its first level, high stalls and gallery. Aditionally, counts with high technological standards in its acoustic section that will allow it to perform first class shows and presentations. The venue also has rehearsal rooms, offices, restrooms, cloakrooms and a recording studio.

One of the most outstanding aspects of the renovation process is the respect for the original image of the building, highlighting the history that the Cervantes Theater holds in each of its corners.

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