Casona El Llolly


El Llolly’s rural zone is located northwest of Paillaco, bordering the commune of Futrono. There, in the 1920’s, the first landowner, Mr. Eugenio Errázuriz, built a Patronal House that would eventually become the first historical monument of the commune.

During the period known as the Agrarian Reform in the country, the Patrimonial House, was under the denomination of Public Good. Later on, in 1974, it became School N° 205 El Llolly. After it ceased to function as an educational establishment, it began a quick deterioration and remained unused for several years.

In 2013, the Casona del Fundo El Llolly was declared as a National Monument in its quality of historical monument.

However, in 2015 suffered a fire that consumed all the history behind its walls and hiding places. After a restoration ended in 2018, the doors of the new Casona el Llolly were reopened, starting its operation as a community, cultural and tourist center, all of them administered by the municipality through the Municipal Cultural Corporation and open to the community. It has a multipurpose room for different artistic and cultural workshops, a space for community radio with implementation and equipment, as well as a nursery, with furniture so children might feel there is a place designed for them. Also harbors a library with dozens of books, which have come through donations from people interested in heritage and also from the national library directory.

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