Temuco’s ballet Bafote made a succesful debut on Teatro Regional Cervantes´ stage

Temuco’s ballet Bafote made a succesful debut on Teatro Regional Cervantes´ stage

The Ballet Folclórico de Temuco -Bafote- performed last Friday, July 30, at the Cervantes Regional Theater, with a show dedicated to Latin American music and dances from these latitudes, in front of a reduced capacity due to the sanitary measures issued by the competent organism. The show began at 4 p.m. sharp with a sample of Polynesian dances and continued with musicians on stage performing “La Tejedora” “El Medán” and a mix by the outstanding folklorist Rolando Alarcón. The presentation also included Colombian rhythms and Caporales; a dance of Bolivian origin that is danced in festivities in the north of Chile. In total, the show lasted approximately 65 minutes and was performed within the framework of a collaborative inter-regional agreement between the Temuco Municipal Theater and the Cervantes Regional Theater, which is managed by the Cultural Heritage Association of the Los Ríos Region.
At its conclusion, the Musical Director of Bafote, Claudio Jaque, indicated that “we are happy to return again to the live stage. It is very gratifying to come to this beautiful theater to present our work. To hear the applause in the auditorium again is really something very meaningful”.


One of the people attending the “Cervantes”, Ester Aguilar, mentioned that “this initiative was fantastic, very nice. Personally, I had seen the Bafote a few years ago, but seeing it here in this theater is different. I hope that future events will continue to be held”.
The Artistic Director of Theater of the Asociación Patrimonial Cultural de la Región de Los Ríos, Liliana Ili, pointed out that “it is important for us to develop collaborative agreements between theaters in the south, as it highlights the work done by the regions, in a decentralized way and makes visible how in the context of pandemic, associatively, programming, knowledge and resilient knowledge can be shared in the field of cultural management and industry”.
The Executive Director of the Cultural Heritage Association of the Los Ríos Region, Rubén Soto, said that “we are very happy to be able to welcome our public to the theater after such a long time. We hope that the health situation will improve so that we can continue to hold this type of activities and gradually increase the seating capacity”.
The Bafote presentation can be relived on Facebook Live @Teatroregionalcervantes.

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