Museo de Sitio Castillo de Niebla


The Casttle de la Pura y Limpia Concepción de Monfort de Lemus is located fifteen kilometers away from Valdivia, in the coastal town of Niebla. It houses the Sitio Castillo de Niebla museum; a structure once belonged to the sistem of fortifications built by the spaniards in times of the Spanish Coloniozation and it dates to the 1600.

It harbors a 2 hectares site of architectural remains, including an artillery composed of 14 cannons whose mission was to defend the area from attacks by corsairs and pirates. Inside the place the Casa del Castellano can be found, wich it was completly rebuilt based on cancagua stone walls in the early 90s and has a total of five rooms that house permanent museum exhibits since 2007 on the history, importance and main features of the castle.

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