Online plays will be exhibited during April

Online plays will be exhibited during April

Despite the pandemic, the regional artistic scene does not stop. This is because during every thursday of April, Alianza Escénica will exhibit four artistic works by four companies from Los Ríos. The initiative, led by the Centro de Experimentación Escénica in alliance with the Centro Cultural Teatro a Tierra, will be transmitted by the Butaca Los Ríos platform and counts with the collaboration of five municipalities in the region.

Franciso Arrazola, coordinator of the Alianza Escénica Itinerancia Región de Los Ríos project, commented that “this project involved a theater, dance, puppet and circus company. Originally it was going to work in different communes of Los Ríos, however, due to the current situation, it had to be taken to the virtual world”.

A total of two plays were recorded at the Teatro Regional Cervantes: “Masa Madre”, by the company “Pulso Circo”, a circus arts show that invites the whole family to inhabit the kitchen in a playful and entertaining way; and “En fin, Intentos por Observar un Mecanismo”, by the Centro de Experimentación Escénica de Valdivia, a contemporary dance production inspired by the concept of Tandem, as a reference to the union or joint work of complementary components.


Regarding the experience of recording at the Teatro Regional Cervantes Arrazola said that “it was very favorable and positive. The people in charge were always very available to understand the dynamics and needs we had. The work was very collaborative and flexible, without neglecting the health care aspects of the pandemic. He added that in the future he hopes to use the theater again as a stage for the execution of different playa, whether in a virtual, face-to-face, or semi-face-to-face manner, depending on the health contingency.


The schedule for this month is:

Thursday 8/4 to Sunday 11/4: “Masa Madre”, by “Pulso Circo” company.

Thursday 15/4 to Sunday 18/4: “Los Vientos del Pillán”, by “Abuela Poroto” company.

Thursday 22/4 to Sunday 25/4: “Tragedia de Luna Roja”, by “Teatro a Tierra” company.

Thursday 4/29 to Sunday 5/1: “En fin, Intentos por Observar un Mecanismo” by Centro de Experimentación Escénica de Valdivia.

All the plays, as well as their details can be viewed through Butaca Los Ríos ( on the respective Thursdays from 7:00 p.m. until Sunday of the same week at 11:00 p.m.

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